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Why is saving on the prices of simultaneous translation not a good idea?

You are organising an international conference and decide to engage some prominent foreign speakers. You are sure that they will do their job perfectly and that their name will attract a large number of participants. You provide best quality catering and rent a comfortable and spacious conference room without worrying about costs. However, with simultaneous translation (let us say the guest speakers will speak English language that “everyone knows anyway”) you decided to save.

Nevertheless, during the gathering it turns out that the speakers speak English with a strong accent which is almost incomprehensible to participants, they quickly read out their presentations and do not articulate at all so that more and more people in the audience are reaching for headphones to hear the translation. However, the inexperienced and insufficiently educated translators (who for this reason were cheaper to begin with) are unable to follow the speakers, so they produce truncated, incomplete, cumbersome and at times funny translation that is not worthy of the original. Although the speeches are very interesting and useful, due to poor simultaneous translation their meaning and semantic nuances do not reach the listeners and what might have been a very successful event, turns into an average rut despite the brilliant guest speakers. Do not skimp on something that is of crucial importance for transmitting the very message of the conference that you did your best to organize.

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