Savjetujemo te nudimo pomoć i podršku za usmeno prevođenje kontrolirano pisano i pismeno prevođenje teksta, profesionalne usluge prijevodi teksta te usluge po europskim standardima i kriterijima za simultano prevođenje, simultano i konsekutivno prevođenje - tumačenje, simultani prijevodi konsekutivno i šaptano tumačenje. Profesionalni simultani prevoditelji prvenstveno za usmeno prevođenje prilikom čega se postižu visoki standardi za pisano prevođenje naših iskusnih stručno osposobljenih prevoditelja za obrazovanje prijevodi teksta Zagreb. Usmeno prevođenje nudi mogućnost izbora i specifični simultani prijevod uz kadriranje velikog broja suvremenih prevoditelja školovanih za simultano prevođenje te usmeno konsekutivno prevođenje i strukovno profesionalno simultano prevođenje te usmeni prijevodi Zagreb Hrvatska. Našoj struci nije stran pisani prijevod kroz stručnu podršku i tehnologiju pisano prevođenje nije izbor već želje i htijenje sveobuhvatne usluge koje uključuju: pismeni studij za usmeno prevođenje, političke nauke za pisani prijevod te analitičke tekstove za usmeni prijevod i interventne usluge za pismeni prijevod teksta. Informacije i stručni savjeti Bilingua d.o.o. Zagreb Hrvatska i prijevodi teksta Zagreb.
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Why is there a photo with robots on our contact website?

For those who are not familiar with all the intricacies of the characters from Star Wars: two robots in the picture on our site are C-3PO and his inseparable companion R2-D2. C-3PO is a humanoid robot who is familiar with over six million forms of communication and what is equally important – with all of the nuances of different cultures, customs and traditions. It is the most significant prerequisite for a good translation, which is impossible without context and cannot survive in a vacuum.

Although there are already many programs or bots for automatic translation and even more are in the stage of being tested and fine-tuned, according to the final result of the translations they generate (and this is the only measure), today’s generation of translators and interpreters can certainly still sleep peacefully for some time. Perhaps the real question is not: robots or translators of flesh and blood, but rather how to best merge and combine them so that they complement each other, and that the most benefit from both automated processes and from irreplaceable human acumen and recognition of contextual subtle differences is gained by the clients.

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